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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How many pieces of luggage am I allowed? May I bring my dog/cat or another pet? May I bring my bicycle?

Generally, every passenger is allowed two pieces of luggage (Measures: length + width + height: max. 160 cm)

Transport of hand baggage, which can be stored on the baggage rack or below the seat in front, is free of charge. A service fee is charged per piece for the transportation of luggage up to 30 kg. The fees are listed separately for each line in our general timetable. 

The carriage of animals, bicycles and furniture is not allowed on the international and national bus lines.

Dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers are carried free of charge upon presentation of official identification.

For further details please see point 6 'Transport of baggage' of our Special Conditions of Carriage and the notes to the respective regular services in the timetable.

2. Can you give me information about visa requirements or help me with obtaining a visa?

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with any information with regard to visa issues. We recommend you to contact the respective authority/consulate and to obtain all necessary documents well ahead of your trip. Every passenger is responsible for the compliance with passport, visa, currency, customs and health regulations.

Here you can find a list with links to embassies and consulates in Germany.

3. Can I return/cancel or rebook my ticket for a different date?

Yes, basically you can rebook or cancel your ticket. We handle both cases in the same way. Cancellation/refund of online tickets can be made only visiting the cancellation page or by contacting the Service Center at Email . The conditions of carriage of the respective carrier will apply.

4. Can I book a ticket for a bus line within Germany?

Yes, Deutsche Touring GmbH offers several national bus lines. You can find them here.

5. How long is my return ticket valid?

Open-Return tickets are valid within six months after the date of departure. (Promotional tickets are an exception to this rule and are valid until the following timetable change). One-way or Return tickets are only valid on the date of departure.

For further details please see point 2.4 of our Special Conditions of Carriage and the notes to the timetable.

6. What is an open ticket?

If the next date of return is not yet determined, the ticket is marked as “open”. In this case the passenger must reserve and confirm a seat at one of our reservation offices, which are listed in the timetable, 8 days before the wished departure date at the latest. Short-term reservations are possible if there are free seats.

You can find further information in point 3.6 ff of our Special Conditions of Carriage.

7. How early do I have to book my ticket?

For all Touring long-distance bus lines as well as the Europabus lines EB 163, T 183, T 185 you must book your ticket at least 4 days before the date of departure.
Reservations for the “inner-German” lines are required only for groups.

For further details please see point 3.3 ff of our General Conditions of Carriage.

8. Can I reserve a certain seat?

Reservations for certain seats are not possible. However, the coach driver will try to satisfy your wish.

9. May my minor child travel alone?

Children and minors, who are younger than 16 years of age, may travel only if they can present a notarised copy of the parent or guardian and are accompanied by a person older than 18 years of age. Adolescents, who are older than 16 years of age, may travel with us if they present a notarised permission of the parent of guardian. Please note the respective national regulations including transit countries.

For further details please see point 2.7 of our Special Conditions of Carriage.

10. Do I get snacks in the bus if the journey is long?

The passengers can obtain soft drinks and coffee in the bus. The bus drivers do their best to stop at petrol stations and rest areas at journey breaks, where snacks and refreshments can be purchased.

11. Are there discounts from the regular fares?

Of course, there are discounts for certain groups of peeople like children, adolescents, students and senior citizens. In addition, we offer promotional prices for early bookings for many of our regular services.  You can find details under the price tables of the separate bus lines, which are listed in our timetable.

If not specifically prescribed by law, accumulation of fare discounts is not possible.

For further details please see point 4.2 ff of our Special Conditions of Carriage.

12. Where can I purchase a ticket?

Tickets can be booked and purchased in our DTG ticket centres, Touring agencies, in call centre (+49 69 971 944 833) and in selected travel agencies of Deutsche Bahn AG. Further information about selected sales agencies can be found on the Contact page.

13. What has happened if I do not receive a confirmation e-mail after I book online?

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after your online reservation of a ticket to be sent via post, there can be two reasons:
1. The electronic credit card or debit payment has failed. In this case the reservation is cancelled by the system.
2. You have entered an incorrect e-mail address.

Please contact our Service-Center: Tel.: +49 69 971 944 833, Email:

14. Why is compliance with booking and travel information so important?

Please bear in mind that the carriage on (almost) all bus lines of Deutsche Touring is carried out in cooperation with local partners. These have their own national regulations, which we cannot disregard. This is why the rules for baggage transport and booking deadlines may differ.


FAQs last updated 11/2019.

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