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Bus to Vilnius

Vienna - Vilnius
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Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, is regarded as a baroque city: with its cosy inner courtyards and narrow side streets, the Old Town, which is one of the largest historical Old Towns in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is reminiscent of Rome or Florence.

Equally as impressive are the city’s buildings from other architectural periods like the Gothic St. Anne’s Church and the Renaissance-style Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University. Right in the middle of the Old Town, visitors can discover the artist neighbourhood of Užupis, which is like its own little cosmos: the residents here have declared their own independent republic, which even has its own constitution. And to confirm your visit to the neighbourhood, which offers an array of galleries, ateliers and cafés, you can also have your passport stamped. Situated just a few kilometres away from Vilnius is an equally special place: the geographical centre of Europe, which is marked by an obelisk. 

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