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Bus to Munich

Vienna - Munich
35 EUR *

The Bavarian capital is both cosmopolitan and traditional as well: there are guests from all over the world, who come here to feel the atmosphere and go on sightseeing, experience the famous "German cosiness" of Brotzeit, a traditional Bavarian breakfast, and drink beer. 

An emblematic landmark of the city is Frauenkirche, a Gothic church, in which the graves of major rulers are situated, and the legendary footprint of the devil, (Teufelstritt) can be seen there as well. Munich’s centre and the location of the two city halls is Marienplatz (Mary’s Square), which could be seen best from the top of the tower of St. Peter's Church, which tower is commonly known as “Alter Peter” (the Old Peter). Studious visitors can immerse in the world of technology and science of Deutsches Museum, and art connoisseurs will find internationally renowned art collections in the picture galleries. The English garden is a popular meeting place for recreation and sports, and also suitable for relaxing at the beer-houses, for jogging or surfing as well. The legendary Hofbräuhaus provides an opportunity for the whole year to partially immerse in the atmosphere of the world famous Oktoberfest. Take the comfortable buses of Deutsche Touring to drive you inexpensively, quickly and safely to the heart of Bavaria.

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