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Bus to Heidelberg

Vienna - Heidelberg
40 EUR *

Goethe used to say that the city in Baden-Württemberg is “something perfect”: Heidelberg is situated on the banks of the Neckar River, surrounded by wooded slopes of the Odenwald Mountains. The famous ruins of Heidelberg Castle, which have become a symbol of the German romanticism, rise above the historic streets of the picturesque old city. Visitors may reach the castle by the traditional mountain railway, which further leads up to the Königstuhl summit.

Besides the castle, a distinct landmark of the city is also the Old Bridge, the elegant arch of which rises above the Neckar River and it was a part of the city walls in the past. The old university founded by Elector Ruprecht I as the first university in Germany is something which definitely worth seeing. Today, there are about 30,000 young people studying in Heidelberg, who keep alive the city life by bizarre student pubs and music clubs. Culture activities, such as the Heidelberger Frühling International Music Festival and the summer festivals that take place in the castle complement the diversity of the city. Travel inexpensively, quickly and safely to the charismatic Heidelberg by the comfortable buses of Deutsche Touring.

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