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Bus to Düsseldorf

Vienna - Dusseldorf
44 EUR *

Studies attest to the high quality of life, probably even the highest in Germany, of the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Indeed, the metropolis offers diverse activities for every taste, art and culture, as well as sports and leisure activities. The famous shopping boulevard Königsallee, the so called "Kö", is the place where the elite of the fashion industry presents itself with its shops.

The historic old town, which is famous for its 260 bars and restaurants far beyond the borders of Düsseldorf, is a bit further. Across the lively Rhine promenade, party-goers set off to the modern Medien Hafen district, where, amongst buildings by renowned architects, there is still a harbour atmosphere. The picturesque district of Kaiserswerth is a calm place, so that it is a popular recreational destination in Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas with its Baroque houses and the ruins of the imperial palace situated on the banks of the Rhine. Travel inexpensively, quickly and safely to the remarkable Düsseldorf by busses of Deutsche Touring.