Conditions for the Internet sale of tickets for the international line operations (as of November 2019)

This text is for information purposes only! In case of doubt the German version shall prevail!

1. Scope of application

These conditions apply to the sale of tickets in Internet at, and and supplement the current conditions of carriage of DTG Deutsche Touring GmbH . The conditions of carriage are only valid inasmuch the following terms do not contain deviating stipulations.

2. Ticket purchase

Tickets can be purchased and reservations can be made through bookings at,,, and The tickets are sent via e-mail as online-tickets as well as partly via post. Currently, open return tickets cannot be issued as online tickets.

3. Conclusion of contract

3.1. In all offers, which can be booked online, the contract is concluded with the sending of an e-mail confirmation of the successful booking. Prerequisite for a successful booking is the completion of the payment module. If electronic payment does not take place, the reservation is deleted.

3.2. After booking a ticket on the DTG Deutsche Touring website, the buyer receives immediately an e-mail with his order details, which have to be confirmed.

3.2.1. If online ticketing is chosen for international destinations, an immediate confirmation and an e-mail with the online ticket are generated.

3.2.2. You must hand in the separate coupons of the online tickets to the handling person when getting on the bus. An online ticket is only valid when the passenger’s name and the journey details are entered in the passenger list. If you want to rebook an online ticket, this is only possible via the Service Center Email: .

4. Service fees

4.1 For online tickets, a fee of 1,50€ for the national respectively up to 5,- € for the international bus lines per booking cart is charged.

5. Advance sale periods

Tickets can normally be purchased at,,, and from coming into force of the respective valid timetable and five working days (eight working days from abroad) before your departure date at the latest. For online tickets, the advance sale periods are longer (up to two days before departure).

6. Refund and replacement

6.1 Cancellation/refund of online tickets can be made only visiting the cancellation page or by contacting the Service Center at Email . The conditions of carriage of the respective carrier will apply.

6.2 In all other cases the regulations of the respectively valid conditions of carriage are to be applied with regard to ticket prices and replacement of tickets. If you rebook or cancel a ticket, the processing and shipping fees as well as the cash on delivery fee are not refunded.

6.3 The credit for replaced or refunded tickets is transferred only to the bank account entered by the client at the time of booking or to the respective credit card account if paid by credit card.

6.4 The respective special conditions apply to all promotions and special offers. Normally they do not provide for refunds. Co-payment to the normal price and a processing fee of 15 euros is charged by the Call Center.

7. Payment method

7.1 Currently, two payment methods are offered for bookings at,,, and credit card, sofortü and PayPal.

7.2 Credit card payment is made by entering the necessary data in the respective fields in the payment module of the booking form on the DTG Deutsche Touring website.

8. Data protection and security

Personal booking data is collected, processed and used in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Law. When booking at,,, and, the credit card data is protected by a secure online connection (SSL) between the purchaser’s and the connected computer, namely according to browser configuration up to 128 bit. You can find further information about our data protection rules here.

9. Miscellaneous

Due to the technical specifications of the Internet we cannot guarantee the availability of all booking modules at,,, and at all times. If separate clauses are or become invalid, all other clauses shall remain in force. Governing law is the German law. Place of jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main.

10. Inquiries/Contact

Inquiries concerning online ticket booking should be addressed to:

DTG Deutsche Touring GmbH
Eurolines Germany
Mannheimer Straße 7-9 ,
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.:  +49 69 971 944 833